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The trainSharp workshop offers thorough yet competitively priced services, repairs and maintenance for all types of bike. 

Our technicians are all experienced road and mountain bike riders, trained to ATG Cytech Level 2 and above, guaranteeing you will always get the best advice and quality of service. Our expert mechanics work on all bikes including kids and family bikes - not just the ultra high-end road bikes.



Our workshop gets very busy at popular times and we work on a pre-booking basis.

Book your bike service online here  

Alternatively please call 01892 577 802 to arrange bike drop-off. Where a bike needs to be ready ASAP please contact us regarding express turnaround.


All Bikes Serviced - regardless of age / condition

Our Service Technicians are used to tackling jobs from kids bikes to full on racing machines. We service and treat all bikes with utmost care whether it be a 20 year old family hack or a brand new superbike - no matter the bike trainSharp will service it. Don't be fooled into thinking we're another elitist workshop that won't tackle an older bike - we respect every bike and job the same. 

We tackle jobs that the home mechanic can't

We regularly service wheels and wheel bearings, hydraulic brakes, frame pivot bearings, tubeless tyres and pressing of bottom bracket bearings  


E-Bike Servicing

Our Service Technicians are now Bosch certified and can carry out specific eBike Servicing, including full diagnostics and software updates. All of our workshops are equipped with all the latest diagnostic systems and access to the full spares catalogue to support and service your Bosch eBike.



Competitive on Price 

We understand that not every bike warrants a complete overhaul that's why trainSharp offers servicing options to cater for every bike and budget. Perhaps you have a family bike that you don't want to spend too much money on - we can discuss the most cost-effective ways to keep it running smooth and safe without breaking the bank. 


Service Menu

Type of service



Cycle Health Check

Free cycle health check including a full report detailing work that needs to be carried out


Bronze Service

Thorough inspection, safety check and adjustment of gears and brakes and all bolts torqued to specification


Silver Service

Bronze service plus degrease of drivetrain components in specific parts washer, gear and brake inner cables replaced, wheels and tyres checked for wear and trueing included where necessary, regrease of drivetrain and service report included.


Gold Service
The ultimate overhaul – full stripdown, clean and reassembly of each component from hubs to headset. Cables replaced and brake fluid changed. Service report included upon request (replacement parts not included)
Cycle Accident Insurance Quote

Full cycle inspection report following an accident


Cycle Theft Insurance Quote

Insurance quotation following a theft


Di2 Firmware Update and check over

Shimano Electronic Di2 firmware update




Bike Build

Full bike assembly (excluding parts)

From £50.00

Thread Tapping

From £5.00

Cleaning Charge

Localised to enable mechanics to fulfil the job requirements


Accessory Fitting
From £5.00

Mudguard Fitment

Dropper Seatpost Fitting
From £35.00



Brake Adjust

Conventional brake adjust (per brake)


Hydraulic Brake Bleed

Including fresh oil/fluid (per brake)


Disc Brake Fitting

Including frame facing (per brake)


Disc Brake Service

Strip down and reassemble with fresh oil (excludes replacement parts)


Shorten Brake Hoses

Cut down brake hoses (includes brake bleed)




Headset Replacement

Fit new headset


Headset Bearing Replacement


Standard Handlebar Fitment


Drop Handlebar Fitment

(excludes bar tape)

From £20.00

Bar Tape Fitting



Wheels & Tyres

Replace Tyre/Tube

Check and rectify cause of puncture where applicable (per wheel)


Tubular Tyre Fitment

Removal of Old Tub/Glue/Tape (per wheel)


Wheel True

From £10.00

Tubeless Tyre Fitment

Fit tubeless tyres (excludes, sealant, valves and rim tapes)

£50 / pair

Hub Service

Cup and cone or cartridge bearing service (excludes parts)

From £10.00

Hand Build Wheel

Rebuild and true a wheel (excludes spokes)


Free-hub Body Fitment and Hub Service

Strip/clean/grease (excludes new bearings)


Alfine Maintenance Service





Gear Adjust/Repair

Gear indexing and set up (per derailleur)

From £10.00

Bottom Bracket Fitment

Including front mech adjustment


Bottom Bracket Re-Grease


Cassette Fit/Removal


Chain Device Fitment

Including front mech adjustment if required


Chain Fitment

NOT including gear adjustment


Derailleur Fitment

Including adjustment


Derailleur Hanger Alignment

Will need rear derailleur adjust (includes gear adjust)


Freewheel Fit/Removal





Fit Suspension Fork

Includes front brake adjustment

From £20.00

Suspension Fork Service

Includes fluid (excludes and other parts)

From £35.00

Rear Shock Service

Air can service

From £35.00

Shock Bush Replacement

Bush replacement

From £20.00

Rear Suspension Linkage

Pivot bearing replacement

From £40.00


Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm
Sunday: Closed 

Any bike or brand!
We will carry out work on all cycles, not just the brands we sell. 

Super Quick Service
As cyclists we understand your frustration when things go wrong with your bike, whether it’s your only mode of transport or, you need it for that all important race, we will do our best to get you back up and running as soon as we can.