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AeroDivision KMC Waxed Chains


Optimised waxed chains can save 5 watts which relates to around 15 seconds in a 25 mile time-trial. We take 10 and 11 speed chains from KMC and put them through a 3-part cleaning process (which includes a sonic bath). This ensures the chain is ready to accept the 2-stage waxing process. It is this process which drastically reduces the friction within your drive chain and saves those valuable watts. The cost of a KMC 10 speed cleaned and waxed chain is £65.00 The cost of a KMC 11 speed cleaned and waxed chain is £75.00 All KMC chains come with a missing link to make joining your chain a very simple process. We can also clean and wax your current chain for only £25.00