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BioRacer Time Trial and Triathlon Fit


Time trials aren't just about power output anymore, aerodynamics have a huge influence.

trainSharp are teamed up with Bioracer to become the accredited 'Bioracer Speed Centre' for the South East of England.

The Bioracer Aero system allows us to create your own virtual wind tunnel.

So, without the need to hire an expensive wind tunnel, we can improve and optimise your current bike position and equipment (with advice/testing different aero helmets and skinsuits etc.) to make you go faster by drastically reducing your Aerodynamic Drag (CdA), with instant results.

Your position will be specific to you and your goal focus, whether that's a 10 mile time trial or an Iron Man.

It is easy to believe that the fastest position is the most aggressive one, this is not the case. In our Bioracer Aero fits we are looking for the best compromise between aerodynamics and power.

We can guarantee that you will be faster after one of our Bioracer Aero Fits.

Previous riders who have undertaken the trainSharp fit have found something we like to call "free speed" i.e. riders are able to go faster for the same power output, whilst being in a more comfortable and safer position.

This "free speed" has enabled riders to literally smash their personal best time-trial times. Our rider's greatest gains to date after a trainSharp TT Position Fit are:

  • 2 - minute improvement in a 10 mile TT
  • 3 - minute improvement in a 25 mile TT
  • 8 - minute improvement in a 50 mile TT
  • 11 - minute improvement for a 100 mile TT

trainSharp have optimised time-trial positions for everybody from the evening 10 club rider to National time-trial Champions and Elite Triathletes.

We look forward to making you faster!


What does a Bioracer Aero Fit include?

A Bioracer Aero fit includes a fully comprehensive bike fit, focusing on all aspects of your position. It will begin with a discussion with your bike fitter, discussing you as a rider, your goals and riding history. Followed by the fit, aero analysis, equipment choices, helmet fitting and all followed up by a full report.

How long does a fit take?

A fit typically takes 2 hours, though we like to allow longer if there is any workshop required for you bike. If there is any extra, we will ask you to leave your bike with us for any alterations.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your full race kit, time trial bike, clothing, wheels and so on! Additionally, any spare components, i.e spacers, saddles, and stems.

Will I go faster?

Yes! We can guarantee everyone who comes for a fit will go faster.

What do the typical improvements look like?

This is dependent on your position, on average we save around 30 W of aerodynamic drag, often this more and we have seen upwards of 60 W!

Arrange a trainSharp Bioracer Aero Fit Booking

We offer the following days and times for our trainSharp Bioacer Aero TT fits;

Monday - Friday - 10am or 2pm slots available.

Please note: each fit takes approximately 2 hours.

Once payment has been made we will contact you to arrange a suitable day(s) and time(s) for your fitting.

Worlds Fastest Bespoke Aero Skinsuit

As part of your BioRacerMotion fit we can provide you with the world's best bespoke aero skinsuit from Bioracer.

After your fit has been completed we will take down all your measurements in your aero position and send these to BioRacer.

Your new bespoke aero suit will fit like a glove and is available in team or club or colours.

The price of the bespoke aero suit is £375 - this includes fitting.

Both items are available to buy below as a package.