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Continental GP 5000 Tyre


The Grand Prix 4000 S II by Continental has long been the reference tyre on the market. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 road bike tyre aims at making everything a bit better though. Thus, the Grand Prix 5000 promises 12% less rolling resistance, 20% better puncture protection and approx. 5 grams less weight compared to its successfully predecessor (measured on a 25 mm tyre). Whether for training or competition, rain or sunshine, cold or heat - the Continental Grand Prix 5000 is the best all-round tyre ever. Technologies: - BlackChili Compound: A rubber compound made in Germany, consisting of special, synthetic rubbers and proven natural rubber for excellent grip, high mileage and low rolling resistance - Vectran? Breaker puncture protection insert: Inspired by the incredible strength of spider silk, Vectran? is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fibre made from liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) having an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight. The densely woven fibre creates an enormously robust protective layer against punctures and cuts - Laser Grip: Lasered micro profile structure reaching over the shoulder of the tyre for excellent cornering grip - Active Comfort Technology: Integrated technology that filters bumps and vibrations to increase comfort Details: - Intended use: Road (Racing / Training) - Type: folding tyre / clincher - Rubber compound: BlackChili Compound - Puncture protection: Vectran? Breaker - Casing: 3-layer 330 TPI 23-622 / 700x23C / approx. 200 g / 7,5-8,5 bars (110-120 PSI) 25-622 / 700x25C / approx. 215 g / 6,5-8,5 bars (95-120 PSI) 28-622 / 700x28C / approx. 235 g / 6,5-8,0 bars (95-115 PSI) 32-622 / 700x32C / approx. 290 g / 6,0-7,0 bars (85-100 PSI)