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Discounted trainSharp Full Physiological Assessment


The trainSharp full physiological assessment is designed to provide an overall assessment of your fitness. It is designed to be carried out at various points throughout the year, including but not limited to; the beginning of your training year, when you first join trainSharp as a new client, if you are looking to assess performance improvements or if you are looking to reset training zones.

The trainSharp full physiological assessment is comprised of four main segments; an incremental sub-maximal blood lactate test, a maximal aerobic power test, peak power testing and body composition analysis.

All testing is completed on a fully adjustable SRM test bike. Blood lactate, heart rate and expired gases are measured throughout to assess your endurance capabilities. Namely, lactate thresholds, maximal aerobic power and VO2max. These data are used to provide you with accurate training zones and specific training paces.

Your assessment will be run by an expert exercise physiologist and includes;

  • Anthropometric measurements (Height and Mass)
  • Sub-maximal blood lactate test (Lactate threshold 1 and 2)
  • Maximal Aerobic Power test (MAP and VO2Max)
  • Peak Power test (Peak and 10s power)
  • Body Composition (Body fat percentage)
  • Other tests are also available upon specific request


Your physiological assessment also includes a fully comprehensive report, detailing key performance data as above and more, including;

  • Power-to-weight ratios
  • Bespoke training zones
  • Analysis on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Expert guidance on how to move forwards


Why complete a trainSharp full physiological assessment test?

  • One-to-one chat with an exercise physiologist
  • Identification of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Assesses current performance levels
  • Provides bespoke training zones
  • Highlights optimal training paces
  • Informs design & modification of your training plan
  • Helps mitigate potential over-training and accumulated fatigue

For more information regarding the test, please call and speak to one of our exercise physiologists on 01892 577802.