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Fulcrum Wind 40 Disc Brake Wheels


Experience the benefit of reducing the single greatest force a rider has to overcome on a flat road, the wind! It's easy to see that the design of the Wind range descends directly from Fulcrums Speed 55 wheel, as ridden by Elia Viviani of professional world tour team Cofidis. The same rim profile developed for the range topping wheelsets is included here for supreme versatility in both training and race pursuits.

The Wind 40 wheelset offers a distinct aero advantage yet impressive weight and handling. Fulcrum has developed their technology with relentless attention to detail through countless wind tunnel cycles, real world testing, and subsequent laboratory analysis. This has resulted in a rim profile which is specifically designed to provide a flat transition from tyre to wheel in order to limit the disruption of airflow and thus maximise aerodynamics. The innovative rim shape has also been designed with the objective of reducing the effect of cross winds on the ride as much as possible for adaptability to any course and weather condition.

The unidirectional carbon fibre rim construction features Fulcrum Mo-Mag technology which allows for a completely sealed spoke bed to facilitate perfect tubeless integration, with a 19mm internal rim width perfectly suited to support 25 and 28c tyres. The 24 straight pull double butted spokes are threaded to each rim by hand using nipples which are moved into place with magnets.

Asymmetric 2:1 spoke lacing with double the number of spokes on the rear drive-side and the front non-drive side, are optimised to best spread the stresses generated by the rear hub driver body and front disc rotor respectively. The straight pull spokes are laced to CNC machined aluminium hubs with sealed cartridge bearings, further optimising the weight and offering a long service life.

Cyclist Magazine - 'Really well built wheels that roll fast'