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Laminar Carbon Road Handlebar


Designed to get a rider into the most aerodynamic position possible the Laminar Carbon Aero Road Handlebar reduces aerodynamic drag in multiple areas. With fully integrated cables and compatible with the Vision ACR system the Laminar bar will transform a standard road setup into a super slick integrated setup. 

Coming in 35, 37 and 39cm widths across the hoods the laminar bar is designed for maximal aero efficiency and comfort with a 9 degree flare across the drops.

trainSharp have had great success with the laminar cockpit having tested the bar in the toughest race of the UK - the CiCLE Classic 


Width Centre to Centre across Hoods: 350mm / 370mm / 390mm

Width Centre to Centre across Drops: 400mm / 420mm / 440mm

Weight: 280g+/-10g

Drop: 130mm

Reach: 82mm

Flare: 9 degrees

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Clamp Torque: 6Nm - 8Nm