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Orro Venturi Tri



Venturi Tri magnifies the speed of our bestselling road bike by elevating it to a whole new platform. The aerodynamically optimised frame of our Venturi served as the basis for an all new streamlined design. Hallmarks of the model range are evident in our proprietary Triathlon and Time Trial bike.

This fresh project was led from the front, with rounded edges optimised to break the critical boundary layer of air as smoothly as possible. From there the elongated flat profile tube shapes serve to stabilise airflow and reduce points of turbulence. Compliance and stiffness have been meticulously localised to the requisite areas with UK engineered Sigmatex Spread Tow Carbon fibre; a material that we have exclusive use of within the bicycle industry.

From the onset of our design process we considered areas of movement and the effect of rider positioning to the overall aerodynamics. Bike fit is absolutely critical to the mission for speed by reducing aerodynamic drag. Indeed it is the very reason why specific bikes are required for this specialist area of the sport. The aerodynamically profiled seat mast is a part of the component package that helps us to achieve this aim, with 50mm of fore/aft adjustability and angle adjustment.

Comfort engineered. Fit Dialled. Speed refined.