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SRM PowerControl 6 Servicing


SRM recommend that trainSharp replace the batteries in your SRM PowerMeter and PowerControl every two years and that the systems are recalibrated at the same time.

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PowerControl 6 Service/Repair Costs

PC 6 Service 1 - Replace PowerControl keyboard - includes connectors and fitting £45.00

PC 6 Service 2 - Replace rechargeable battery, examine for faults, clean and reseal £78.00

PC 6 Service 3 - Replace rear plate of PowerControl including new pins (required if pin is damaged) £95.00

PC 6 Service 4 - Upgrade battery to Lithium-ion Polymer battery £110.00

PC 6 Service 5 - Replace PowerControl keyboard and front cover - customer needs to specify colour £115.00

All prices quoted include VAT but exclude carriage and packaging.

Returns info: Please download, print and complete the returns form and delivery address label from the link at the top of page.

Please use the drop down box to the bottom right to select and pay for your service type.