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Standalone Ramp Test


This follow-up test is designed to be carried out at regular intervals during your training year. We would generally recommend performing this test a couple of times during the year so your training zones can be updated and the effectiveness of your training can be assessed.

This will be a maximal effort ramp test to assess your maximal aerobic power and VO2Max, the test will also be used to provide you with accurate training zones and specific training paces.

What can I expect?

  • Fitness test run by an exercise physiologist
  • Ramp test
  • Full test report detailing your maximal aerobic power, and VO2max power
  • Your bespoke training zones.
  • Power-to-weight ratios
  • One-to-one chat with an exercise physiologist


  • Assesses current fitness levels and effectiveness of training to date
  • Provides bespoke training zones
  • Highlights optimal training paces
  • Informs design & modification of your training plan
  • Helps mitigate potential over-training and accumulated fatigue

In addition to the initial fitness test, we recommend performing this standalone RAMP test at least once during the year, ideally just before the start of your peak season.

The cost of the Standalone Ramp Test is £200

For more information regarding the test, please call and speak to one of our exercise physiologists on 01892 577802.