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Tacx Antares Professional Training Rollers


Tacx Antares Professional Training Rollers. These heavy-duty tapered rollers ensure that it is almost impossible to ride off the machine. High concentration on steering is required when riding without a brace; this reinforces your sense of balance.

With the Antares you can now focus even more on your goals in training: improve your fitness and pedal stroke and reinforce your sense of equilibrium at the same time. Tacx Antares rollers distinguish themselves through the heavy conical rollers that create the momentum of mass inertia. When collapsed the rollers measure only 80 cm and are therefore easily transportable.

The Antares rollers are Tacx's revolutionary contribution to the new found popularity of track racing.

The concept of rollers is quite old. It is how indoor training for cyclists started out. In 1972 Tacx BV launched the manufacturing process of its first rollers. This later turned out to be a stroke of genius. Many people who own a sports or racing bicycle want to stay fit, even in winter. Over time three models were developed. But then there also were the rear wheel trainers, pushing the original rollers into the background.

These rear wheel trainers are collapsible and allow you to train at high resistances. But the rollers offer advantages for training that no other trainer is capable of offering. Just think of improving your pedal stroke, your equilibrium, suppleness and concentration on your steering.

To put it in a nutshell, the rollers are the perfect tool for cyclists to have next to their cycle- ergo- or VR trainer.



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