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When you want to take your turbo training to the next level, the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator will provide a more realistic experience, replicating gradient changes by raising and lowering your bike. The KICKR CLIMB is the newest innovative technology from Wahoo and was designed together with, and works exclusively with, the new KICKR and new KICKR SNAP indoor bike trainers (2017 editions onwards), and the KICKR CORE to enhance your riding experience.

This unit will physically adjust your bikes position to match the gradients of your workout or can be manually adjusted via the included remote that attaches to your handlebars or slots into the top of the CLIMB when not in use. Unlock and lock climbing modes allow the CLIMB to react to gradient changes from external sources such as Zwift, or solely to remote control commands.

Pairing to your KICKR or SNAP is simple, and just requires the press of a button on your remote. With third-party app compatibility and when paired to your trainer, the CLIMB can match grade changes from virtual courses on Zwift, TrainerRoad and other training platforms. The blend of gradient and resistant changes will make your indoor ride feel as close to outdoor riding as you can get.

Ascents of up to 20% and descents down to -10% can be matched so the CLIMB will mimic all but the steepest mountains, where resistance changes alone will kick in. As the bike position changes, you will naturally change your riding position; the CLIMB is a great tool to help engage those climbing muscles and develop your pedalling technique for increased efficiency and power. When you get out on the roads, you'll be better prepared to tackle those climbs.

Versatility is increased thanks to both quick release and thru-axle compatibility; 12x100, 15x100 and 15x110 thru-axle hubs will fit into the CLIMB.


  • KICKR CLIMB Simulator
  • Power adapter
  • Adapters for quick release and 12x100, 15x100, and 15x110 thru-axle hubs
  • Power brick plus both UK and EU kettle lead


  • Real-time grade changes
  • Ascend up to 20% and descend down to -10%
  • Direct proximity pairing
  • Lock and Unlock climbing modes
  • Manual grade adjustments with remote control
  • 3rd party app compatibility
  • Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT compatibility
  • Quick-release and thru-axle bike compatibility

Wahoo Compatible Trainers

  • KICKR 2017 and newer
  • KICKR CORE 2018 and newer
  • KICKR SNAP 2017 and newer

Identify your KICKR

The serial number is on a sticker on the drive-side of the flywheel. To be compatible with the KICKR CLIMB, the first two digits must start with 17 or greater eg: 17TRNR220001 and 18TRNR000001 are both compatible. If the number starts with 17, the next two digits after 17TRNR must be 22 or greater, eg: 17TRNR220001 is CLIMB compatible, while 17TRNR219999 is not